ScienceLogic delivers the next generation IT monitoring platform for the network of everything. Over 15,000 global Service Providers, enterprises, and government organizations rely on ScienceLogic every day to run their business and IT operations. Over 1,000 dynamic Apps included in the platform enable our customers to intelligently maximize efficiency, optimize operations, and ensure business continuity. We deliver the scale, security, automation, and resiliency necessary to simplify the ever-expanding task of managing resources, services, and applications that are in constant motion.

ScienceLogic delivers a single code set, database and web interface, simple and affordable software licensing, and a team of skilled support technicians who are always ready to help. ScienceLogic is the platform of choice for hundreds of hosting and managed service providers, medium and large enterprises, government agencies, systems integrators, and IT operations teams. ScienceLogic incorporates the important monitoring and management capabilities you need for the data center and the cloud, at a fraction of the cost of legacy management suites and the countless specialist tools that most IT organizations accumulate. We are the only monitoring company designed from the ground up to enable the Hyper Cloud!

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