Hyper Cloud

ScienceLogic’s Next Generation Monitoring Will Accelerate You to Hyper Cloud.

What is Hyper Cloud? Think the next generation of the cloud—or Cloud 2.0. And think of ScienceLogic as one of the key enablers. As storage, server, apps, infrastructure, desktop, SDx, and more grow more inextricably connected and integrated—to save costs and increase efficiency—their entire IT stack as a whole is moving to the cloud. In the near future, all elements of IT, including desktops and network infrastructure, can and will live in the cloud. Users will need nothing more than a simple laptop or tablet to access everything necessary to do their jobs, all applications and even their infrastructure being hosted in the cloud. The management of this next generation cloud (Hyper Cloud) requires next generation management solutions. ScienceLogic is the only monitoring platform designed from the ground up to meet this demand—monitoring today’s and tomorrow’s cloud-based IT.

The next generation of the cloud has already begun. ScienceLogic’s solution monitors everything—virtual and physical, legacy and modern, on-site and remote, private and public clouds, IaaS and SaaS, tethered and mobile devices—the Hyper Cloud.

Only ScienceLogic’s IT solution can take enterprises, governmental agencies, and service providers into the Hyper Cloud. Let ScienceLogic accelerate you into the Hyper Cloud and the future of IT!