Discover ScienceLogic's Reseller and Technology Partnerships.

ScienceLogic’s resellers and technology partners deliver a win-win for all parties, especially the customers, both theirs and ours. Resellers use our technology to assist their customers in solving IT problems and in garnering new prospects. For companies developing tools and applications for IT operations, a technology partnership with us will help you grow your customer opportunities. By integrating your technology into our comprehensive platform for IT operations, you ensure your offerings will work with the products potential customers already have.

  • Reseller Partners – ScienceLogic gives resellers a competitive edge for finding new customers and creating upsell opportunities, all while helping their existing customers simplify and improve their IT operations.
  • Technology Alliances – ScienceLogic forms technical partnerships with the most respected high-tech companies, both established and emerging IT technology creators, to help them—and us—grow our mutual customer opportunities.