ScienceLogic Makes a Total Commitment to Our Value-added Resellers’ Success.

ScienceLogic works with distributors and resale partners worldwide to allow customers to conveniently purchase and implement the ScienceLogic solution. Value-added resellers play a crucial role in ensuring that ScienceLogic is providing excellent value to their customers. Our reseller partners help buyers choose the correct IT architecture and may provide implementation, support, and other consulting services, thereby increasing their product resale margins.

In territories where we do not have direct sales, we give any promising leads directly to our resellers. We afford you access to training, marketing materials, and demonstration systems to get you up-to-speed as quickly as possible so you can help your customers simplify and improve their IT operations with our industry-leading solution. Partnering with ScienceLogic gives you the competitive edge that you need to find new customers. Become a ScienceLogic reseller to help your customers—and yourself.

Key Benefits & Features

  • Add a cost-effective, valuable technology to your product portfolio
  • Receive exceptional support and service from a partner committed to your success
  • Use ScienceLogic technology to assist your customer in solving additional IT problems, thereby creating upsell opportunities for you
  • Offer a solution-sale that integrates with other products your customers are already using

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  • “Automation through ScienceLogic has allowed for near automatic responses from me.” David Oganesyan Systems Administrator Unitas Global
  • “We couldn't manage anywhere near as many systems without it.” Stephen Cronburg Senior Systems Administrator Opus Interactive
  • “Feature rich, one-stop shop for NMS.” Stephen Holmes Telx
  • “An ingenious tool that allows both the administrator and user to efficiently monitor and manage our customer environments.” Mark McPherson Sr. Application Developer/Tools Administrator ePlus
  • “EM7 has helped my team identify the root cause of problems and remedy issues many times prior to end users being aware of a problem in the first place.” Eric Stoltz Operations Team Lead The Signature Group
  • “ScienceLogic has given us the opportunity to be 10x more proactive while monitoring our customers. The detail in the alerts is amazing!” Aaron Curtis Support Manager FireHost Inc.
  • “No other tool comes close to EM7 in usability, capability and flexability. EM7 is the complete package.” William Rahn NOC/IT Infrastructure Specialist AOPC
  • “I believe EM7 is a good tool to consolidate and have a general overview of a site's infrastructure.” Fan Dong Data Center Systems Engineer Lockheed-Martin
  • “(ScienceLogic's) potential is great” Alton Cole Support Manager Virtacore
  • “EM7 from ScienceLogic has tons of features and the system is quite robust. It just works, no exceptions.” Mayank Raizada Senior Network Specialist Computer Sciences Corporation
  • “The EM7 Product has provided us with a tool to manage, monitor and react to issues with our customers systems in a way that is fast efficient and productive.” Dave Courtney Systems and Tools Admin Peak 10
  • “SECU was looking for a tool that would give us a enterprise view of our network for both availability and performance. We chose ScienceLogic's EM7 product to give us that visibility. EM7 does give us this visibility at a very basic level.” Paul Hamrick Manager - IS Operations Center State Employees' Credit Union
  • “ScienceLogic has allowed us to combine several tools that all had separate interfaces into a single tool.” Dave Burns VP Technical Operations CBTS
  • “EM7 has allowed us to bring the complete enterprise together in a collaborative effort and break down the silos that existed around each individual team.” Charlie Summerscales NOC Infrastructure Specialist Administrative Office of PA Courts
  • “ScienceLogic has allowed us to provide a service that quickly and easily monitors our public cloud infrastructure.” Brian Young MTS Avnet Cloud Solutions
  • “ScienceLogic EM7 has increased our managed services capabilities and enables significant efficiencies on setting custom thresholds on fault notifications and preventing false responses to our clients.” Chico Dominguez VP or Technical Services Vijugroup
  • “Very well thought out and easy to manage.” Doug Healy Senior Network Engineer NRUCFC
  • “ScienceLogic. Enough said.” Zechariah Bauer Network Administrator Consultant Genesis Healthcare System
  • “(ScienceLogic) simplified both ticketing and change management.” Robert Hooper Sr. Sys Admin RCN
  • “(ScienceLogic) gives me the ability to consolidate monitoring of traditional SNMP information and newer technology like VMware and some newer SiriusXM-specific applications.” Shawn Gee Senior Director, Broadcast Operations SiriusXM
  • “EM7 has been a great product in helping us keep controlled chaos that is always showing up in the IT world. The support has been exceptional and the ability to make it fit our needs is a great benefit.” Bryce Ritter Network Admin National Benefit Services
  • “EM7 has a clean and very informative interface. Accessing and editing tickets and queues couldn't be any simpler.” Richard Myers Sr. Consultant AT&T
  • “The EM7 platform provides us the ability to automate several key operational functions. Being structured with the ITIL framework in mind allows for seamless integration into our organization.” David Hanington Director, Managed Services Ironbow
  • “ScienceLogic EM7 is a very versatile platform that has allowed us to monitor a very varied technology stack. Its extensibility allows us to easily adopt and monitor new technologies and further integrate it into our full management stack. An excellent all round product.” Peter Rossi Head of Automation & Orchestration Skyscape Cloud Services
  • “I thought EM7 was too complex until it helped me realize that it was my own IT infrastructure that was too messy.” Spiro Letendre Infrastructure Implementation Specialist Cloudops
  • “EM7 is proving to be a comprehensive and extensive monitoring system. We feel this offers a great opportunity for both our internal as well as customer monitoring.” John Lindblom System Engineer Tier 3
  • “Excellent post-sales support.” Dave Catron Sr. Manager of Managed Services SIGMAnet
  • “We have found ScienceLogic to be an extremely versatile system, combining the flexibility to monitor a huge number of different things with the scalability to do it across thousands of devices. It also helps that ScienceLogic is constantly evolving their standard offerings.” Mike Crowley Manager, Internal Systems and Tools Peak 10
  • “EM7 is a very versatile and flexible monitoring framework. It affords us to a lot of creative and innovative things that provide tremendous value to our customers.” Chris DeBrunner NMS Senior Manager CBTS
  • “The product has been solid and easy to use.” Ed Osiecki Director of Hosting Operations GMTI
  • “We've been using ScienceLogic since our company started in 2006 and are confident that it's the most comprehensive monitoring, management and ticketing tool available.” Frank Mobley CEO Immedion
  • “I'm very impressed with what I've seen so far and I have only been learning it for a few days.” Thomas Alderson Systems Analyst AECOM
  • “Our customers cherish the control and visibility that EM7 affords them in customizing the monitoring their infrastructure services.” Patrick Cronin Executive Director CGI Federal
  • “All is well (with ScienceLogic).” Abdulkhader Shaik Technical Lead NOC Operations Saudi Systems Corporation
  • “EM7 helps you to know exactly what's going on in your IT infrastructure.” Andres Matamoros IE Networks Solutions
  • “Has given us the ability to move up to much higher standard of monitoring.” Robert Gruener Support Manager O2 Networks
  • “Helps fix problems before they impact the customer” Don Beattie COO Broadreach Services
  • “Action: ugly data goes in. Reaction: pretty data comes out. Too easy…” Nico Georgaki Technical Consultant O2 Networks
  • “ScienceLogic is a company that understands the business issues that service providers face in delivering value added services to the market.” Shuan Wormald Director Broadreach Services
  • “The EM7 platform allows us to provide a technology and vendor agnostic ‘whole meeting room’ monitoring solution.” Matt Cobbett Electrosonic
  • “ScienceLogic has enabled us to put monitoring in place that means support teams can be proactive and decrease the number of major incidents.” Andrew Godfrey Head of IT Services Press Association
  • “EM7 is an incredibly effective, scalable platform which could boost efficiency for any business—big or small.” Stuart Hunnisett Helpdesk Bridge Coordinator/Administrator Electrosonic Ltd.
  • “Better historical insight on performance of devices on the network.” Stan Sang Senior Systems Engineer C-SPAN
  • “ScienceLogic products are ‘SNMP magic.’ You can't monitor if you can't reach them, reach ScienceLogic.” Tarun Rawat Director Systems Integration Hughes Network Systems
  • “EM7 has the best bang for the buck in a commercially supported NMS application. Competing solutions that we evaluated were either lacking in features or eclipsed EM7 pricing.” Jonathan Dill Senior Network Engineer The NERDS Group
  • “As a provider of video conferencing managed services, my team needs to know immediately of any alerts or issues within a customer's environment. ScienceLogic gives us a single-pane snapshot of all the assets we are managing and allows us to prioritize alerts and instantly work on resolution.” Erin Thomton Director, Service Delivery SKC Communication Products, LLC
  • “ScienceLogic has allowed us to offer new value added services and richer management information and reporting via dashboards to our customers.” Gerry Brazil CTO Broadreach Services
  • “The best thing since sliced bread!” Justin Mackie NOC Engineer SIGMAnet