Next Generation IT Monitoring Software for Tomorrow’s IT.

Application Monitoring

Keep Your Business-critical and Mission-critical Applications Always Available and Running at Peak Performance

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Network Monitoring

Monitor Device Health, Availability and Performance with Real-time Network Management Views and Topology Maps

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Server Monitoring

Automate Intelligent Monitoring of Physical and Virtual Servers and Operating Systems

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Service Monitoring

Monitor and Manage Service Levels Across All Your IT Operations

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ScienceLogic’s solution is an all-in-one IT monitoring software product, comprehensive and complete in a single, unified platform. Unlike some companies, we do not sell you a la carte, piecemeal selections. To help you understand the many powerful components of our solution, we have broken out descriptions of features and capabilities that other companies call (and sell) as individual products:

  • Application Monitoring – holistic monitoring of all your applications, using a variety of methods to collect detailed application metrics.
  • Network Monitoring – consolidated end-to-end monitoring for all your heterogeneous network devices, with automated device information collection.
  • Server Monitoring – visual monitoring of all the physical and virtual servers running on your network, identified by server make, model, manufacturer, etc.
  • Service Monitoring – comprehensive monitoring of performance, availability, and risk of specific components, as well as any combination of IT resources as an overall service.