Hybrid IT service assurance

  • keeps your business running
  • lowers your financial risk
  • increases your revenue
  • speeds your time to market
  • reduces your operational expense
  • aids your digital transformation

47,000 Organizations Trust ScienceLogic

  • Red Bull • Telstra • Vodafone
  • Cisco • U.S. Army • SAP
  • Intel • CBTS • Fidelus
  • CSA • CDW • AT&T
  • Boeing • AAA • Comcast
  • Datapipe • Hughes • Level 3
  • JPL • Hosting.com • Forsythe
  • Equinix • Dimension Data • Booz Allen

What ScienceLogic Does

IT service assurance is hard. Especially across complex IT infrastructures. There’s too many vendors and technologies. Throw in hybrid cloud, SDN, containers, microservices… it’s daunting.

ScienceLogic makes IT service delivery easy. It's more than just an IT monitoring tool. Auto-discover IT assets, visualize dependencies, correlate events, enable automation, and more. All from a single platform.

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