As the year comes to a close

Dave Link

Happy Holidays Everyone!
blog-201312-img-1619As this year comes to a close, it is a fitting time to recap the year and what is now a monumental 10 years since starting ScienceLogic.  Looking back, it has been an incredible journey thus far, but as incredible as it may seem, it still feels as if we are just getting started on the next and most important leg of our continued business acceleration. 

As I was performing as Santa Claus for the 5th year in a row in our ScienceLogic Gift Exchange & Cookie Swap Holiday event last week, it reminded me how engaged, inspired and aligned our entire ScienceLogic team is today. 

As we attack an ever evolving set of business, customers, and product goals we continued to be energized by the belief that we are building the industry’s best fully integrated monitoring/management platform.   From the very inception of ScienceLogic 10 years ago, the thousands of interesting use case scenarios embedded in the product have been bound by the common thread of building a technology that improves the lives of our customers.

As we head into 2014, the IT industry is undergoing a tectonic shift towards cloud computing.   As storage, server, horizontally scaling apps, SDN, security, and the Software Designed Datacenter become more inextricably connected and integrated, the demands for IT to be proactive is more complex than any other moment in time.  

So my recommendation is to stop worrying about whether you have a true cloud and focus on extending your monitoring/management tools across internal and external compute/application infrastructure so you achieve the cost, resiliency, and capacity benefits that seizes upon the promise of cloud transformations. The best is yet to come from ScienceLogic as we head into the New Year with the greatest momentum in our storied history. 

We will continue to align our core strategic and tactical initiatives with our goal to deliver spectacular business outcomes for our customers.   From the entire ScienceLogic team we wish you a blessed holiday and a thriving New Year!




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