Bear Stern, Joe Dirt, a Jedi Master & some creepy desserts visit ScienceLogic

Michelle DeFiore

At ScienceLogic, we believe in having fun while we work, so we celebrated Halloween with a costume contest and a fall bake-off! 

Employees dressed up in their favorite costumes and paraded by a panel of judges to see who would win for the best and the most creative.  Tim May from our Tech Support group was recognized as the winner for the best costume as a Jedi Master, while Ben Leyland from our Documentation department was recognized as the most creative as “Bear Stern.”

We also got a visit from Joe Dirt, an Army Sgt., a Navy Pilot, and Dexter…to name a few.




As added fun to the costume contest, ScienceLogic also held a fall bake-off, which allowed employees to prepare their favorite fall desserts.

 The desserts were not lacking in the creativity department either: Employees sampled kitty litter cake, dipped oreos that were designed to look like eye-balls, and much more. 

The winner for the bake-off was Trey Surber, Insides Sales Representative, for his ghost cake (all dessert photos have been withheld to protect the innocent!).


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