Building a Global Brand at Cisco Live Melbourne

Dave Link

blog-201304-clmelNow that I’ve had time to reflect on my trip to Melbourne and am back to DC having finished a very busy first quarter, I wanted to share a few of the highlights from Cisco Live Melbourne.  It was truly a spectacular show in many ways. 

Our booth looked absolutely smashing and we were in a fabulous location with constant flow and swarms of visitors.  The recent announcement that we won InfoWorld’s Technology of the Year really resonated well with everyone at the show.  It was clear that the people we spoke with share the operational frustrations of tool overload and are looking for a smarter way to approach proactive operations, especially in this converged compute/hybrid cloud environment that IT is being pushed and pulled towards.

To me, one of the key accomplishments of our Cisco Live Melbourne sponsorship was increasing awareness of our global brand.  We had so many quality conversations with people who are really struggling with IT infrastructure management and cloud management that universally need our help.  We took part in some very enlightening, rapid-fire discussions with people that had genuine interest in seeing if we could solve their specific problems.

There was an incredible amount of interest in our platform, and we were not surprised to hear the consistent belief that our competitors’ products really haven’t solved the problems like ScienceLogic can.  We heard over and over that having all the tools integrated into a cohesive, well thought-out tool is what appealed to everyone at our booth. It reminded me of the early days starting the company when people didn’t really know or understand our tool. 

People almost have a sense of disbelief that our product can do everything that it is.  It’s still thrilling to witness the wonderment of “you can really do all that?” followed by the enthusiasm people have for us after they see a demo. Another reoccurring theme we saw at the show was the significant number of people looking at how we manage the cloud as a result of Amazon’s new data center in Australia

Many of the integrators we spoke to were interested in our AWS support.  Stay tuned for more info on this- we’ll be making some exciting announcements around the comprehensive update to our AWS PowerPack soon! Using Cisco UCS converged compute reference architecture with Flexpod and Vblock extensions to create private clouds was another popular topic. 

We spoke with a number of service providers, government agencies, and enterprises who are building their private clouds and our tool fits like a glove for their requirement set. I had a wonderful time in Australia with our APAC team, helping them close their first big new customer and I can’t wait to get back in a few months to experience their change of season and the blustery cold of the Australian winter months!

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