Dashboard Heaven with EM7

Michelle DeFiore

In the quest for custom dashboards for network management, EM7 has you covered. Dashboards, in many enterprise management integrations, are hard. You start off with one product that does network management and it has its own database and its own set of credentials.

Then you have a systems management application and your dealing with another database and potential overlap. Somebody throws in a CMDB that derives a lot of its records and relationships from these disparate sources but it lacks performance data. Then you have an events history database.

Then after you’re done integrating all that into some dashboards with all of these disparate sources, somebody wants Incident and change ticket data on top of what you already have. And it’s a religious moment when you have to do a data architecture around multiple database platforms, multiple databases, all of the potential internal and external relationships – even across disparate data, and maintaining an understanding of truth.

This is one of the reasons I went to work for ScienceLogic. All of the data you have to fight for and struggle to keep up, is in one application with multiple functions. Dynamic Dashboards built in. Asset Management. Discovery. Ticketing. Status polling. Performance collection and reporting. Transaction Monitors. Events. Knowledge Management.

Run Book. All the data you need in one place. blog-201101-cloud-dashboard-large And EM7 has PowerPacks which are specialized management content sets that are independently distributed and licensed. Have some value add that you do for a given technical management problem? Sign up as a partner and develop the content. You license it and you can sell it or we’ll sell it… even other partners will sell it if they need the value add. EM7 is a palette for enterprise management capabilities.

Capabilities that we provide via PowerPack content. And our partners can do the same. You own the IP if you develop it. blog-201101-dashboard And you are not limited to just ICMP and SNMP. You can use SOAP. HTTP. TCP Connections. WMI. Database queries. And when the going gets tough, you can use a snippet (A Python program that you develop and run from within collections) to talk, organize, and derive any data set you need. blog-201101-service-management-dashboard-large What if you could mash up performance data with events and ticketing in one graph? What if I could show you how to do this in minutes via a Webex? Our dashboards can be constructed with any combinations of internal and external data sources you need to present an effective situational awareness presentation… lots of different layouts and formats.

Not just a silly pane of glass (Or multiple single panes of glass!).  With dynamic device groups and dynamic dashboards, it is feasible that you can have dashboards that are focused on conditions or projects in your environment. I am not a Sales guy. I just like solving customers problems. I am having a lot of fun in trying new things – things that were not possible in past environments.

EM7 — In the immortal words of Chevy Chase — YES!!!! I LIKE IT!!!! Read more about our liquid dashboards here.

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  • Lan

    Could you tell me how to integrate a internal website into EM7 dashboard? Need username and password to login to internal website.