Gartner Data Center 2009 Kickoff

Michelle DeFiore

blog-200912-optimisticGreetings from a strangely quiet Las Vegas. Every cabbie I’ve had has a lot to say about the economic downturn’s impact on Sin City.

Interestingly enough, today marks the opening of the long-awaited City Center project – a $8.5 billion project that was 35 minutes away from bankruptcy earlier this year. So what does this have to do with IT Operations and Management at the 28th annual Gartner Data Center conference?

The message so far from Gartner analysts is slightly optimistic. The IT industry is swinging towards recovery with a return to growth by 2012 – perhaps a longer wait than many of us had hoped for but at least not unrealistic.

One of the best things at the Gartner conferences: real-time audience polling. When asked what’s going on with IT budgets next year, the audience gave back an interesting bell curve; 34% said the IT budgets would be flat with a pretty even distribution above (increasing budget) and below (decreasing budget).

Gartner analysts estimate that IT Operations spending in the US will grow somewhere between a modest 1.7 – 2.3% next year, but it’s still growth.

Audience Polls What is the biggest data center challenge you face in 2010?

  • data center space, power and/or cooling because of equipment sprawl 31% (repeat from last year’s conference)
  • aligning activities with the business 16%
  • modernizing of our legacy applications 11%
  • making due with smaller budgets 9% (surprising)
  • managing rate of tech change 8%
  • finding/retaining it talent 5%
  • determining how to source IT services 3%

(Figuring out a cloud strategy also showed up here somewhere in the middle, but I will confess I couldn’t type fast enough)

Which projects will receive the most funding in 2010?

  • virtualization 9%
  • servers upgrade 5%
  • IT operations process improvement 6%
  • infrastructure modernization 13%
  • data center facilities projects – new builds, expansions or upgrades 28%
  • cloud 6%
  • microsoft operating system upgrade 5%
  • storage upgrade 13%
  • new business continuity 8%
  • cost optimization 7%

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