Light Up Your IT Environment with Liquid Dashboards

Michelle DeFiore

Widgets.  Customizable Dashboards.  Lots of products have them.  BUT: there are a few capabilities that make EM7’s stand out above the crowd.

1.  Ability to combine tickets, event management, performance KPIs, and SLA metrics – filtered to a particular client, application, or organization – all on one screen. This allows the flexibility to present views for NOC personnel, business owners of a service or application, service desk/ticket owners, and more.

2. Ability to show multiple maps – with drilldowns – on one screen.  So , you could map your internal virtual environment, your external cloud infrastructure, your internal and/or external clients, etc. – all on one dashboard.  This has been helpful for clients who need visibility into both their public and private clouds as well as their internal IT infrastructure.

3. You can create your own widgets!  Since EM7 is an open product, the database schema is accessible within the GUI. 

In addition, existing clients have found it simple to copy/paste existing widget code (PHP) to use as a starting point to create their own widgets. 

This has been useful for EM7 users that have decided to visualize their data in ways unique to their business needs. In the example below, we have current views into Ticket States by team; IT Events by location; SLA status of clients or internal teams;  status of the public and private virtual infrastructure; and much more.  

Perhaps the most important point:  The user can drill into the elements on any dashboard element to view the specific devices and KPIs in question. Of course, there is point-and-click controllability in terms of overall layout, visual display per widget, timeframes, data categories, and data sets per category, content, display types, and more. 

As a new employee at ScienceLogic, I have found EM7’s liquid dashboards to suit an unparalleled variety of audience types and IT environments. This is the third in a series of posts about EM7. For more, click here.

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