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ScienceLogic EM7 is designed to meet many customers’ needs, but it can’t address every need of every customer. For example, we’ve yet to figure out how to have EM7 function as a floor wax.

Believe us, we’ve tried, and all we have to show for it are three dozen rolls of linoleum in storage and a bunch of integration servers with sneaker prints on them. But, sometimes we can use EM7’s customization capabilities to address a specific customer’s need when they need it (without needing to make product code changes).

The problem is that it’s likely, if one customer has a problem, another customer may have a similar problem, and these solutions don’t immediately make it into the next version of our software.

Between new feature development, bug fixing, UI development, and QA testing, you can understand why.

A possible design for a jetpack with folding w...

We recognize that they’re still useful solutions though. So we put them on our customer portal as PowerPacks (not to be confused with “jet packs”) that address specific issues, but have not (yet) been validated for inclusion into the GA product.

We’ve got about 20 of them in the community section of the customer portal currently, and we’re working on making these PowerPacks developed by our staff around the world more widely available.

Because EM7 is so extensible, our customers have developed some great additions to the product as well, which we are continually incorporating into the general build.

For example, our customer Fasthosts, the UK’s largest Web hosting provider, wrote an application that enables EM7 to monitor how quickly its end customers can go from the Fasthosts portal log-in page to the purchase of a new service.

Additionally, we have several customers that use EM7 for environmental monitoring – monitoring the data center environment as well as the full network, server, and application estate.

We implemented a PowerPack for a customer in Florida pulling data from their temperature and humidity sensors, as well as instrumenting against legacy power distribution units, all within a few hours.

At the other end of the scale, we see service providers becoming early adopters of very-high capacity broadband and point-to-point microwave network devices. We have implemented a PowerPack for those as well, tailored to specific needs for high capacity wireless links.

At any rate, you may want to check out the customer portal to see if any of our PowerPacks will be useful in your environment.

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