ScienceLogic – An Entrepreneur’s Tale

Michelle DeFiore

About a month and a half ago, ScienceLogic CEO David Link sat down with hosts Herb Cohen and Kathy Albarado (CEO, Helios HR) of the Executive Leaders Radio show.

What came out of this was a surprisingly frank and thoughtful interview about ScienceLogic (Dave’s interview starts around timestamp of 26:50) – started in the 3 founders’ basements, growing 3200% over the last 4 years, bootstrapped instead of institutional VC funding, populated by clever and hard-to-manage people (hmm, I’ll have to think about that one).

What does it take to be an entrepreneur? What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? How does it feel to be David to the Big 4’s “Goliath”? And why do we win?

Great questions and Dave does not stint on the answers. In fact, they liked what they heard so much, they invited Dave back for another interview in November, along with co-founder Chris Cordray. I promise to get that one up faster.

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