The Future of IT Infrastructure Management

Michelle DeFiore

A recent article in Network World brought up some interesting predications for the future of IT operations management and how a holistic approach of end-to-end management is becoming even more critical.

Accenture’s managing director of cloud computing, Jimmy Harris brought up these main points.

  • Enterprises are taking a more services-centric view.
  • With more robust cloud services, enterprises will not be managing infrastructure from an operational and service delivery perspective but essentially acquiring it (infrastructure) as services.
  • Fewer bodies are needed for maintenance, enhancements and operations and there will be an evolutionary maturing of roles and technologies focusing on ITIL-like processes.
  • IT’s job will be to define the level of performance expected from service providers and be able to demonstrate that they’re in fact meeting those performance levels — but not necessarily doing the management and monitoring itself.

It is a telling statement that Harris does not see a need to bring in a whole new set of monitoring tools to manage all of these different services.

That’s precisely why you DO need a tool that can aggregate between all of the different applications and services to provide one view of your entire IT infrastructure. The ability to see all components using one tool is instrumental in IT service delivery.

And, with cloud computing, this has never been more important because the different components that make up a single IT service can reside in a number of places.

Whether it’s the enterprise’s data center and in a private cloud, or a hybrid cloud with a web front-end for an application which is then hosted by the public Amazon cloud; you have to have a way to meet service levels and manage performance of your services and applications.

It all comes down to simplifying IT. The cloud has provided a great way for businesses to be able to move faster and scale even better than ever before.

Many service providers are far ahead of the curve when it comes to cloud, and enterprises are sure to follow close behind.

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