Update on InteropNet 2010 Hot Stage

Michelle DeFiore

I just returned from InteropNet hot stage with some cool updates about the changes coming to InteropNet this year. I’m very excited that EM7 is at the heart of some of the coolest things happening in the NOC.

First up, we created a self-service portal to allow all of the InteropNet vendors to provision monitoring of their own gear.

Using the EM7 Integration Server, monitoring configurations are automatically set up in EM7 and vendors can also make configuration changes using the self-service portal.

Based on the feedback we’ve received, we believe this has great real-world implications. You may be hearing more about this pretty soon. Then, there’s the Operational Dashboard for InteropNet NY.

To build this dashboard, we thought, “What are the items I would put in one dashboard if I could?” And then we built it using EM7 G3’s liquid dashboards. The dashboard includes:

  • Content Verification – External Checks: monitors all external connections between the NOC and the colo sites. This is critical because it’s monitoring the sources of Internet connections available for attendees.
  • Network Top-10s for CPU, latency, inbound and outbound bandwidth, physical memory and file system percentage
  • Event Summary – at-a-glance view of the distribution of events

Another striking example is how we met Qwest’s request to see the co-los that support Interop located in Sunnyvale, Denver and Newark in one view. They wanted to see bandwidth graphs, errors and discards, in a single pane of glass and as soon as possible.

BAM! We did it in EM7 in 5 minutes! They said it would take about a week to configure this in other monitoring tools. There is always a great deal of excitement around InteropNet.

It brings together some of the best technical expertise from many of the top vendors in IT who are always eager and willing to showcase the latest and greatest technologies.

Everyone is open to trying new and cool ways – there are no limits as we stretch the boundaries of what is possible. InteropNet is always about interoperability, efficiencies and speed and this year is no different.

The whole point is to help IT operations do their job and for that, I must say that EM7 is awesome!

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