Even evil overlords get the video conferencing blues

Michelle DeFiore

ScienceLogic will soon be making some exciting announcements around video conferencing and telepresence management. We’ve been discussing the top video management challenges over the past few weeks, and we thought the best way to illustrate some of the issues that come up when managing today’s video conferencing systems was to put together this video.

As you can tell, not having full visibility into all aspects of your video conferencing systems can thwart even the most ingenious of would-be conquerors.

Making this video was extraordinarily fun, and there are a lot of people to thank.

First is Jacob Williamson, the curator of Thrifthorror.com.  Jacob’s an old friend of mine, and always has his eyes open for interesting (or sometimes purely deranged) deals in Austin’s thrift stores and specialty shops – when I needed a throne, he was the first person I asked.

He pointed me to Austin Furniture Depot, which had exactly the throne we needed – in fact, we feel like the throne itself became a character in the piece.

Second is Bryan “Lubu” Roberts, one of the talented members of Austin’s Improv comedy community.  He was perfect for the evil overlord in the sketch, and if you’d like to see more of him, he performs regularly at Coldtowne Theater in Austin, where he just finished up his sketch show, “Your mom is a show.”

Third is Introversion Software, who allowed us to use their game Defcon as part of the backgrounds for the video.  When I think of world-ending scenarios, I think of Introversion. You know, in a good way.

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