Can I Autodiscover My New Home?

I made a big change during the summer of 2014. I packed up my family and finally moved to Austin, TX. Now, I’d like to talk about how awesome Austin (and the BBQ) is, but I’ll save that for later. Having been in the software technology field for a while, drawing parallels between ScienceLogic’s software and real-life experiences is practically an unconscious activity for me – which leads us back to my big move to Austin, TX.

Moving halfway across the country in two vehicles toting three kids, two dogs and a boat is about as much of an adventure as you might imagine. Thankfully, our marathon road trip from San Diego to Austin only lasted two very long days. I knew this move would require a lot of work once we arrived. What has really proven to be a tremendous amount of work is setting up all the technology at the new homestead in my limited amount of spare time on evenings and weekends.

As I was pulling Cat5e wiring, manually punching down jacks and crimping wire for all my tech goodies, it hit me… Autodiscovery!

You see, my previous home was wired up and dialed to the finest detail. And now I had to start over from scratch. Every wire, every wall plate, every plug and connection had to be tediously configured. I found myself wishing I could press the discovery button and have everything mapped out the way it was at my old house, similar to how VMware, AWS, NetApp, etc. gets automatically mapped out within EM7. Just one click and an entire AWS account or vCenter is automatically connected and relationships are mapped.

Unfortunately, wiring my new house does not fall under the solutions that ScienceLogic offers. I still need to wire up the stereo, and then make a secret decoder for the family to explain: Roku is set to Video1, the cable box to CBL, Soundbridge to Video2, the PS3 to DVD, etc. It goes on and on. I have weeks of work before my tech will be up and running like it used to be (and the family will likely be just as confused as before).

Oh, how I wish I had ScienceLogic for the house. With a simple click, I could see how the family room TV, cable box, stereo, Roku and the remotes were magically connected and controlled one another. Then repeat for bedrooms, and the video gaming rig. You get the picture, right? Doing this all manually is madness! There are just too many moving parts in a modern connected home these days.

If only, with the click of a button, I could have all my technologies mapped out, automatically showing all relationships between different system components that everyone could see visually for instant understanding! That would make moving a breeze.