70% of Interop Attendees Lack Confidence in their Cloud Computing Performance Management Strategy

Lack of safeguards highlight criticality of IT operations

Las Vegas, Nevada – May 11, 2011 – According to a survey conducted during Interop Las Vegas 2011, nearly 70 percent of respondents have deployed or plan to deploy cloud computing, but nearly as many admit to not having confidence in the strategy for managing the performance of those cloud computing resources. Of those 70 percent, more than half are looking at private (49 percent) or public (36 percent) clouds while only a few are currently looking at hybrid clouds. The survey, conducted by IT operations and cloud management solutions provider ScienceLogic™ Inc., polled 150 attendees.

Cloud computing is becoming ubiquitous in the enterprise, as more businesses rely on benefits such as better agility, offloading network traffic, cutting costs and better utilization of resources. As the survey revealed, only 14 percent of respondents are not planning to deploy resources in the cloud. Leading analyst firm Gartner estimates the cloud market to reach $150 billion by 2013. However, as highlighted by the recent April outage of Amazon’s popular cloud service, there are many reasons why enterprises and IT managers are concerned about the cloud, especially if resources are not properly managed.

“Cloud computing is growing fast and has become pervasive, but most businesses have great difficulty managing it along with their virtual and physical on-premises resources,” said David Link, CEO of ScienceLogic. “It’s in vogue in some circles to downplay the need for IT operations with the advent of public cloud services, but few mid-to-large size organizations are relying exclusively on public clouds. Underestimating the need for IT operations can be a critical mistake. It has never been more important to have centralized, dynamic management of IT service delivery across distributed computing resources no matter where they reside.”

Having an accurate view of business service delivery across data centers and public, private and hybrid clouds can alleviate unnecessary downtime and performance issues. Such insight is made possible by on-premises tools and through metrics offered by the cloud service provider. According to the survey, almost 60 percent of businesses plan to use one or both to measure the performance of cloud services. However, more than one-third of respondents are not sure how they will measure cloud performance and more than 70 percent either have no confidence in their current solutions or have not selected one. Interestingly, the majority of attendee respondents agree that their existing IT operations staff will manage cloud performance rather than adding new staff with cloud skills.

Not having insight into the performance of applications running in the cloud, and who is using cloud computing resources, can negatively impact service delivery and operating costs. Also according to the survey, 68 percent of respondents are concerned about unauthorized use of compute resources by business units or application developers. These concerns are mostly related to security and bandwidth.

ScienceLogic recently launched the ScienceLogic platform version 7.1 to help organizations centrally manage heterogeneous physical, virtual and cloud environments and easily incorporate new applications and the latest-generation technologies into their IT operations. To visit ScienceLogic at Interop, please visit booth #2227 or stop by the InteropNet to see how the ScienceLogic platform is managing the network for the show.

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