Fasthosts Standardizes on ScienceLogic Cloud Management and IT Operations Platform

ScienceLogic provides centralized management of dynamic, hosted resources and speeds delivery of new service offerings.

Reston, Virginia – May 16, 2011 – To enhance and optimize service delivery across its large managed hosting infrastructure as well as offer new virtualization and cloud monitoring services to its customers, Fasthosts Internet Ltd. has chosen the ScienceLogic™ Inc. IT operations and cloud management platform. Using ScienceLogic, Fasthosts’ internal IT staff, channel partners and end customers now have access to personalized views into performance and availability across the shared resources that support the Fasthosts Web hosting business, the largest in the UK, as well as its Rise subsidiary, which provides Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing services exclusively through its partner network.

Fasthosts uses ScienceLogic across its Data Center on Demand (DCoD) platform that is based on the largest Microsoft Dynamic Data Center deployments in Europe. Employing the latest Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology, the DCoD delivers Fasthosts and Rise customers a secure, reliable infrastructure that can be provisioned within seconds through a simple-to-use portal. The Fasthosts’ Advanced Server Monitoring service offering powered by ScienceLogic gives customers greater control over DCoD-based virtual and cloud resources by enabling them to manage their individual environments as well as optimize the hosted services for their needs. 

“ScienceLogic enables Fasthosts and Rise to better manage service levels and offer customers unparalleled insight into the performance of our virtual and cloud offerings,” said Andy Burton, CEO of Fasthosts. “ScienceLogic provides centralized management that identifies and solves issues before applications and end users are adversely impacted. Also, by providing administrators and customers with personalized access into real-time analytics, ScienceLogic has helped us create an important new revenue stream with the Fasthosts Advanced Server Monitoring offering.”

The Fasthosts and Rise infrastructure is fully automated and monitored 24/7 using ScienceLogic. Fasthosts’ IT team and customers have full control of thresholds, alerts and notifications, and can drill down from customized dashboards to gain deeper insights into real-time application performance and availability across the infrastructure. In addition, the Open API allows Fasthosts to manage provisioning without human intervention as part of the standard workflow, such as when customers provision a new virtual machine. The Fasthosts IT team is also using ScienceLogic’s customization features to gain even greater visibility into performance, including monitoring how quickly a customer can go from the log-in page to purchasing a new service.   

Fasthosts selected ScienceLogic over competing alternatives for its ability to unite critical functions, including performance, fault, availability, asset, and event management, into a single platform that provides intelligent alerts and customizable reporting across physical, virtual, and cloud resources. The product’s built-in multi-tenancy and automation capabilities helped Fasthosts create its Advanced Server Monitoring service. Fasthosts also cited ScienceLogic’s ability to easily integrate with its existing business systems for provisioning, customer notifications, and billing as a key factor in the selection process.

“Infrastructure monitoring and systems management are critical to the success of service providers, especially with today’s liquid computing environments. Fasthosts and Rise are on the industry forefront of making transparent virtualization and cloud computing a reality for their customers,” said David Link, ScienceLogic CEO. “ScienceLogic has been an integral part of helping Fasthosts not only manage its existing infrastructure but also migrate to these new architectures and create differentiated service offerings. We’ve done this by going beyond simply monitoring the health of the infrastructure to enabling high-impact automation and comprehensive, centralized management of dynamic virtual and cloud environments.”

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