ScienceLogic Attains VCE Vblock Ready Certification

Vblock Ready™ platform helps customers centrally manage IT operations across virtual and cloud infrastructures.

Reston, Virginia – February 14, 2012 – The ScienceLogic™ Inc. IT operations and cloud management platform has been certified by VCE to run on Vblock™ Infrastructure Platforms. With this Vblock Ready™ certification, ScienceLogic extends its ability to help organizations manage any mix of physical, virtual and cloud resources as one entity to simplify IT operations and improve business service delivery to end users.

The ScienceLogic IT infrastructure management platform streamlines the increasingly difficult task of managing resources and data that are constantly shifting due to technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing. Joint customers now have consolidated visibility, event management, and reporting for all the critical components of Vblock deployments. With a consistent, correlated set of metrics across both on-premises and cloud infrastructures, customers can run operations more efficiently with minimal integration work needed to deploy and manage new technologies, infrastructures and service offerings.

“Just as Vblock platforms help customers simplify and speed the process of building data center and private cloud infrastructures, ScienceLogic simplifies the management of those environments via our IT operations console,” said Richard Chart, executive vice president of product management for ScienceLogic. “We didn’t need to certify multiple, disparate products on Vblock, because we have a single elegant platform that pre-integrates and correlates the key IT functions needed to manage business service delivery across today’s highly dynamic virtual and cloud infrastructures.”

ScienceLogic delivers a single view into the thousands of virtual and physical components that run on Vblock platforms, including VMware virtual machines, applications, clustering, Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) blades and network components, security, and EMC storage infrastructure. Through dynamic component mapping, ScienceLogic enables users to be more agile and efficient with the ability to auto-discover, map and monitor all Vblock system components and dynamically update the relationships between them.

The ScienceLogic product supports hundreds of vendors and systems out of the box, and enables customers to collect data on and manage virtually any off-the-shelf or custom-built application, component, or service in an evolving IT infrastructure. Engineered for the scale, security, automation and high availability needed to run today’s complex IT environments, the unified ScienceLogic platform is a direct alternative to implementing disparate IT management tools from multiple vendors or retrofitting a traditional, monolithic management framework into a 21st century environment.

About ScienceLogic

ScienceLogic is the global leader in hybrid IT service assurance. Over 47,000 global service providers, enterprises, and government organizations rely on ScienceLogic to significantly enhance IT efficiency, optimize operations, and ensure business continuity. ScienceLogic is the first monitoring solution to provide a comprehensive, real-time view of all IT components, whether they reside in a public cloud environment or on-premises. With hundreds of packaged management apps and custom dashboarding capabilities, we deliver the scale, resiliency, and automation needed to simplify the constantly evolving task of managing IT infrastructure, applications, and services.


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