ScienceLogic Forecasts 2012 Cloud Computing Trends

Cloud management & IT operations company betting its predictions worth more than a dime a dozen.

Reston, Virginia – December 14, 2012 – Technology predictions abound this time of year, becoming as common as eggnog and random hearings of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.” But with specific expertise helping service providers and enterprises with cloud monitoring and IT operations management, ScienceLogic™ Inc. has decided to put a stake in the ground with a blog post titled: “IT predictions for 2012 not involving the Mayan Calendar.” Here is a snapshot of a few of those predictions:

  • There will be a cut-throat competition for consumer and enterprise cloud environments: Commoditization of cloud services means that cloud providers will have to compete on more than price and economies of scale. It will be critical for service providers of all kinds to identify niche markets where they can deliver new services.
  • Acquisitions will be about filling out portfolios, less on customer footprints: Acquisition strategies will focus less on gaining customer footprint and more on what technologies are needed to fill out the portfolios of telcos, social media firms, large systems integrations and managed service providers to help them compete.
  • Better visibility and management in the cloud: Now that cloud providers have started to bring their cloud platforms to market, managing the dynamism and fluidity of those environments will be a major concern in 2012.
  • The price of cloud computing will go up – so will the demand: IT budget cuts will continue to be a major driver for cloud computing, where organizations can break down costs into smaller increments.
  • Operational business intelligence will yield benefits: The IT infrastructure has a wealth of data waiting to be mined about the most efficient way to use human and capital resources, when to upgrade (or if to downgrade) IT infrastructure, future spending and ability to increase business productivity. Organizations that effectively harness this data to make informed business decisions will move ahead of their competition.

“There is increasing pressure on IT professionals to think creatively about the services they offer, including how to support a wide variety of infrastructure components and applications across distributed computing environments as well as use their limited resources most effectively and efficiently,” said Dave Link, ScienceLogic CEO. “In the midst of all this complexity and change, visibility and control will be of paramount importance in 2012, with centralized views into performance across physical, virtual and cloud-based resources a necessity for effectively delivering business services.”

Read more about ScienceLogic’s 2012 predictions in a recently published article.

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