Don’t Be Arnold

You never want to be Arnold. His sad tale was shared with me this week.

Who the heck is Arnold?

An experienced technology manager friend of mine ran a small networking team early in his career.  Before the days of Windows one of his technicians, we will call him Arnold, would keep track and control of IP addresses. He would hand them out one by one. If an employee needed a new IP address, they would have to ask Arnold. This was great job security.

One day a junior network tech walked in the office and said  “Have you seen this new DHCP? It hands out IP addresses automatically.” The manager suggested Arnold take over DHCP since he owned IP address management.  Arnold demurred.  He was a UNIX guy, and his IP address management system was just fine. He was in control.

So after testing DHCP in the lab, the manager decided to cut over their main network.  Come Monday morning, employees all got new IP addresses via DHCP without a hitch.


So on the following Friday, my friend had his one on one meeting with Arnold and asked, “So how’s is it going?” Arnold replied, “Well a little slow, I haven’t gotten any IP address requests all week.”

During the next restructuring, Arnold’s name was on the list and he was gone.

Arnold was told by his manager that he must stay up on current technology.  He refused to make the effort to learn the new technology and take advantage of automation.

Rapid Changes in Technology

In the next year or so we are likely to see several manual processes disappearing – particularly related to hybrid cloud and SDN.  Clouds and networks will be created as needed, scaled as needed, and torn down when these are not needed.  Automating these processes will drive changing job functions.

How can organization solve the technology revolution problem? Visibility.

Managers must be able to easily see changes in VMs, SDN, and even hybrid clouds like Amazon Web Servcies, Microsoft Azure, vCloud Air, and others. That’s where ScienceLogic’s industry-leading monitoring solution comes in.

Our platform enables deep visibility into the changes automation is making across an entire network, including hybrid cloud environments. It contains it’s own scripting language to automate repetitive tasks, reboot servers, port management, and many others. Easy integration with Puppet or Chef makes it an excellent choice for data visualization.

ScienceLogic users can succeed (and add value!) in a new, automated world without having to learn every detail of how the automation is done.

So, if you are a network, virtualization or cloud tech, the advice is simple – don’t be Arnold.

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