How to: Become a ScienceLogic Certified Professional

You know you work for a growing company when one of its senior trainers still has bags under his eyes from his across-the-world trip to train some of our customers in Australia and Singapore. This here, ladies and gentlemen, is the first blog I am writing as ScienceLogic’s Customer Advocate Specialist.

Every day, I work alongside the people who put together the fantastic training programs that ScienceLogic offers. Our most popular course is the ScienceLogic Certified Professional class, and over the past year our professionals have taught it at our Reston, Virginia headquarters, in Southern California, and most recently, in Melbourne, Australia and Singapore. In just the one year that it has been offered, we have had hundreds of participants. The ScienceLogic Certified Professional Training course lasts three days and is beneficial for any user of the EM7 system.

Most of the participants are engineers, according to Eric Chambers, one of our Senior Technical Trainers. They are usually the engineers who have the responsibility for meeting the monitoring requirements in their environments. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and EM7 certainly wasn’t built in three. EM7 users know it is a big, comprehensive product, so some people may ask what they could possibly glean in just three days. 

So I asked Eric Chambers, what exactly is the goal for participants at the end of the course? “The goal is to make the customers aware of all the features available on EM7 and how they work together,” he said, adding that it is comprised of a lot of hands-on exercises through participants’ very own lab EM7 systems.

Many of these engineers work with some of our features on a daily basis, so it is great for them to discover everything else the tool can do. To date, Chambers said he hasn’t been disappointed with any of the classes. Asia-Pac may be a different terrain, but all EM7 users aren’t lacking in the brain.

So, while you may want to attend the class to hear Eric’s tales of the beaches in Australia and the fried carrot cake in Singapore, there just won’t be time for that. There is a lot to cover in a little bit of time. For that reason, ScienceLogic is actually in the planning stages of offering an Expert level course, which in the words of Chambers will “dive more in depth on how to set up a lot of the features and monitoring in the product.”

This class is supposed to debut later in 2014, and we will most certainly be keeping all of our customers posted.

Melbourne Training

Melbourne Training