Hyperconverged Infrastructure Requires Hyperconverged Monitoring

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

There is a rapid transition happening with datacenter infrastructure. The days where compute, storage, and network are acquired, managed and operated independently are coming to an end.  The trend towards converged infrastructure and now hyperconverged infrastructure is quickly blurring the lines between the old organization silos.  This transition is being driven by IT’s need for higher agility to serve the business initiatives. Companies like Cisco, EMC, NetApp, Nutanix and others are leading the charge with new technology and comprehensive architectures.  These products are building the foundation of the future Software Defined Datacenter.  However, this shift in technology must come with a corresponding shift in people and processes.

Hyperconverged Monitoring

In the old world, a network team would have tools for network monitoring; the server team would have tools for server monitoring, and the storage team would have tools for storage monitoring.  Each team could focus on their own silo, largely ignoring the others.  This silo approach wasn’t efficient but it was adequate to in a silo-oriented world.  Moving forward, this approach simply won’t work as the technology silos start to blend together. Are your current tools ready to make this switch?  Or will your agility be limited by outdated, last-generation monitoring solutions? ScienceLogic is next-generation multi-technology, multi-cloud monitoring platform.  It has out-of-the box support for Converged Infrastructure like FlexPod, Vblock, as well as deep integration with Nutanix and other Hyper-converged vendors in the space.  Not only can you monitor network, storage, and compute.  You can quickly view the relationships between the different operational elements. How is the storage for this VM performing?  How is the network between VMs performing?  How is the underlying infrastructure impacting performance of the business service? At ScienceLogic, we are passionate about breaking down the silos in IT.  Converged and hyperconverged infrastructure is a great example of how we do that. In a hyperconverged world, can you live without hyper-converged monitoring?  

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