Hybrid IT Service Assurance for Government Agencies & Public Sector

Ensure Mission-Critical Success • Deliver Shared Services • Prevent Service-Impacting Outages

More than 40 federal agencies, local government offices, and public sector organizations trust ScienceLogic to monitor their mission-critical infrastructure. In fact, ScienceLogic was the first hybrid IT monitoring company to secure the U.S. Department of Defense UC APL Certification.

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Government Use Cases for ScienceLogic

Ensure Mission-Critical Infrastructure

Provide assurance for civilian services or in-theater military operations. Discover, monitor, and troubleshoot the performance of networks, applications, compute, storage, cloud resources, unified communications, and more.

Support Federal Mandates

Monitor the implementation and adoption of new technologies. Demonstrate project success to your agency CIO for mandates such as the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI), the Cloud First policy, or the DoD’s rapid deployment of Windows 10.

Deliver IT Modernization

Transform government IT services by monitoring the deployment of software-defined networking (SDN) and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions.

Optimize Under-Utilized Assets

Reveal IT resources that you can re-purpose for appropriate workloads, such as underutilized host machines or orphaned EBS volumes in the cloud that you need to delete.

Ensure SLA Compliance

Prove that cloud providers and other vendors are meeting their SLAs. Receive real-time alerts when IT infrastructure performance conditions fall outside acceptable parameters.

Reduce Costs

Consolidate duplicative IT monitoring tools in order to cut costs and deliver a single, modern platform for monitoring across multiple IT domains. Reduce the administrative burden associated with managing too many tools.

Sample of ScienceLogic government and public sector customers

Why ScienceLogic for Government Agencies?

DoD Certified
ScienceLogic is the only product named on the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Unified Capabilities (UC) Approved Products List (APL). As the first complete end-to-end IT infrastructure monitoring company ever to conform to the DoD’s rigorous security and interoperability standards, government agencies can now purchase and implement ScienceLogic’s IT infrastructure monitoring solution on an expedited basis, and dramatically mitigate their network management challenges.
Broad Device Coverage
Monitor any technology, any vendor, anywhere. Physical, virtual, or in the cloud. Even “oddball” devices such as satellites.
Support existing government processes and home-grown IT systems with an open API. Automate with tight integrations to best-of-breed ITSM and orchestration systems.
Granular Role-Based Access
Control what users can see or do in the system. ScienceLogic is a true multi-tenant solution with more than 400 hooks to define system access.
Rapid Implementation
Deploy monitoring services and automatically discover infrastructure resources in a fraction of the time it takes other vendors. Flexible deployment options deliver speed and agility for both military and civilian IT environments.
Platform Flexibility
Deploy ScienceLogic in small enclaves or environments with millions of devices. Support a variety of unique mission requirements with an adaptable platform. Gain the confidence to know your IT infrastructure is functioning as expected.

Customer Testimonial

See how ScienceLogic enabled a large government consulting company

“One of the key things that really made [ScienceLogic] stand out was the visibility at all layers of technology.”

Derik Carswell, Technical Lead, A Large Government Consulting Company
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