Outage Déjà vu: Google Drive Goes Down

Feels like just last week I was writing about an outage for one of the major players on the web. Oh, that’s right, it was just last week! Well, its happened again, but to a different, yet equally powerful and technically savvy player, Google.

As a self-professed Google Drive and Docs lover, I found myself without a mainstay of my daily life for a bit today, when I couldn’t access and edit a Google Doc I was working on. After searching a bit (ironically enough using Google) online, I quickly realized that the service was down for many.

What’s interesting about this and last week’s outage, is that they happened to tech heavyweights. Maintaining a highly complex and dynamic infrastructure is tough and it takes some real talent and knowledge paired with great tools to do that. But you don’t have to figure it all out alone.

If you’re interested in a list of the 20 tools you should consider to make sure your infrastructure stays up and running, check out this whitepaper. On this “Outage Déjà vu” day I salute the infrastructure heroes who go in every day armed to battle the onslaught of network outages, storage overflows, and corporate users demanding ever more bandwidth to watch kitten videos!

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