IT Operations Management & Performance Monitoring Software

One Platform to Monitor Everything—Network, Storage, Compute, Applications, IoT

Remove the difficulty of managing complex, distributed IT services through a single, unified monitoring platform.

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  • How it Works

    No matter what technologies you are using today—or in the future—our easily configurable and extensible platform adjusts to support exactly what you need, when you need it.

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  • Discovery & Classification

    Automatically discover and classify all of your IT resource—on premises and in the cloud. Our patented technology performs deep, multi-technology, multi-vendor discovery, and classifies each resource, with no action required by the user. You can even inventory and track every IT asset.

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  • Best Practice Monitoring Policies

    Monitor thousands of resources in minutes by automatically applying best-practice monitoring policies appropriate to each element. Assess availability, health, risk or any KPI for elements and services. Generate essential KPIs and smart events that drive automated actions tuned to your specific needs. Get started with the policies in our library add-on apps and tune them to your specific needs.

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  • Relationship & Dependency Mapping

    Automatically map and continuously track real-time relationships across domains—in highly dynamic cloud and virtual environments—no matter where your resources exist. Quickly identify impacted services and the likely root cause when issues occur.

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  • Dashboard Analytics

    Monitor enterprise-wide services with role-based views for operations and business users. Create customizable, intuitive, role-specific dashboards and reports for an integrated view into IT service and infrastructure performance. Give operational and business users the views they need to monitor overall performance, to quickly identify and troubleshoot problems, and to see changing capacity needs. Securely partition data within the views based on each user’s function.

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  • Automation

    Find and fix issues faster by automating routine tasks, operational workflows and remediation actions with a single, integrated automation platform. Either use ScienceLogic’s integrated ticketing and asset management or easily integrate with other enterprise management tools and chain the tools together with our platform for full visibility and improved operational efficiency.

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Easy to Deploy, Use & Manage

  • One operational platform, built from the ground up to include discovery, relationship mapping, monitoring, event management, runbook automation, asset management, and ticketing for any technology, located anywhere
  • One consistent and intuitive UI, one data store, one operational platform—no agents to deploy, no additional modules to integrate, no version dependencies
  • Flexible deployment options to meet every need include on-premises, SaaS, hosted, and hybrid models
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ScienceLogic monitoring is simple to deploy, use, and manage

Flexibility & Extensibility

From EMC storage processors to Microsoft Azure, to Cisco ACI, to proprietary satellite systems, our open, flexible platform provides deep integrations to the tools you already have in place as well as those you invest in the future.

  • Open, extensible, and interoperable platform fits any business need today or tomorrow
  • Platform extensibility lets you monitor every element of your enterprise
  • Broad and deep support for multiple technology stacks and vendors, including the latest technologies like hyperconverged, SDN, and Cisco ACI
  • Out-of-the-box integrations available for popular third party products in areas such as service desk, APM, NPM, and more
  • It’s easy to get started with out-of-the-box support for hundreds of technologies—just browse and download any PowerPack from our library
  • Start monitoring immediately with best practice monitoring policies, dashboards, and reports included with each PowerPack
  • Easily build your own PowerPacks in minutes to accommodate additional technology to complement out-of-the-box monitoring support
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The ScienceLogic hybrid IT monitoring platform is flexible and extensible

Customer Testimonial


“ScienceLogic helped streamline our processes for event management and the entire way we monitored our services here…[ScienceLogic] actually delivers—it’s not just a glossy brochure, and you don’t need an army of consultants to actually get really good results out of the toolset.”

Karl Fosburg, Sr. Director, Systems Integration & Network Management Architect, Hughes Network Systems
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The ScienceLogic Hybrid IT Monitoring Platform

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