The ScienceLogic Platform Complete Hybrid IT Monitoring

Managing today’s complex hybrid IT infrastructure is hard. The combination of public and private cloud—mixed with hosted services and legacy on-premises infrastructure—creates a complex landscape for IT to run and operate. ScienceLogic’s hybrid IT monitoring solution delivers total infrastructure visibility from a single console:

Discover ScienceLogic hybrid IT management & monitoring

1. Discover & Map

How do I keep track of my entire hybrid IT infrastructure when half of it is in the cloud?

ScienceLogic makes it easy—our monitoring platform discovers all IT elements—whether in AWS, Azure, vCloud Air, in a private cloud, or on-premises, giving you a holistic view in one place.

Discover and map your entire infrastructure—on- and off-premises

2. Adopt & Migrate

How can I accelerate cloud adoption without increasing risk?

ScienceLogic gives you deep visibility into AWS, Azure, vCloud Air and more, so you can see how critical workloads are performing and rest assured the cloud is doing its job.

How can I move workloads to the cloud faster?

Our cloud migration report quickly identifies workloads that might be migration candidates, so you can confidently move the right workloads to the right environment.

Adopt cloud strategically

3. Run & Operate

How can I deliver IT service-based views in a hybrid IT environment?

ScienceLogic helps you build service based visibility with all the data you need—from workloads and assets in public or private clouds or on-premises—without breaking the bank on professional services!

How can I adapt legacy monitoring tools to support a hybrid IT infrastructure?

With comprehensive monitoring for entire hybrid IT infrastructures, ScienceLogic gives you the visibility you need. We can manage it all, or combine deep cloud visibility with event management from legacy systems.

  • Monitor multiple clouds in a single system
  • Develop service-based views regardless of underlying infrastructure
ScienceLogic will monitor your entire modern IT stack