Complete Hybrid IT Monitoring

ScienceLogic’s solution delivers total infrastructure visibility from one comprehensive platform:

  • Complete monitoring for power, network, storage, servers, applications, and the public cloud
  • Automatic cross-technology dependency mapping for complex hybrid IT environments
  • Multi-tenancy across the entire product, allowing secure, partitioned views for multiple stakeholders
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Comprehensive, Full Stack Coverage

Ensuring the availability and performance of hybrid IT environments has never been so simple. Our monitoring solution provides the coverage you need for all areas of your infrastructure:

  • Complete IT stack visibility
  • Automatic dependency mapping between your onsite and offsite resources
  • The most comprehensive public cloud coverage available
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ScienceLogic can monitor the entire IT stack


Imagine spotting the root cause of service issues in seconds. With CloudMapper, you can. This powerful new technology automatically discovers and maps the cross-technology dependencies in your environment, whether on-premises, off-premises, or a combination of both.

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CloudMapper helps you tie all your IT environments together

Accelerate Cloud Adoption with Confidence

Ready to move to the public cloud, but aren’t sure where to start? We can help.

  • Rapidly assess which workloads to migrate by discovering existing on-premises infrastructure and mapping dependencies between components
  • View workloads and assets in public cloud services, like AWS and Azure
  • Monitor your hybrid IT infrastructure, both on- and off-premises, from a single, all-inclusive dashboard
See your public cloud infrastructure and it’s interdependencies with your on-prem network