Product Update: Tagging Capabilities in 7.7

In the latest 7.7 release, the “tagging” capability has been expanded beyond interface tags to now include custom attributes. Custom attributes are essentially key value pairs that can be aligned to our most popular resource types. The top two are the device and interface entities.

Conceptually, this will enable users to either manually or, my personal favorite, automatically “tag” their inventory with data to filter, slice, or dice that inventory in new and exciting ways. You may ask, “how could tagging inventory be exciting?” Consider this example:  A customer is using auto-scaled EC2 instances for an e-commerce application. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are looming on the horizon, and great care has been taken to configure AWS to automatically scale as web traffic increases. But how do you manage such a dynamic resource in an organized way?

This is where using your AWS tags in ScienceLogic becomes a significant enabler. Your AWS tags, with a small tweak to the Dynamic Application configuration, now become custom attributes in ScienceLogic. These custom attributes can be used in device group rules to dynamically populate groups. These groups show the relationships with a map visualization of your web application, which is what the web application owner wants to focus on during the busy holiday shopping weekend while the rest of the country is either shopping or watching football.

There are also auto-scaling databases, middleware, etc. Each application owner wants their own view of their world. As the usage increases, AWS automatically fires up more EC2 instances, increasing your capacity to handle load. ScienceLogic constantly updates the EC2 inventory looking for any performance instances of each EC2 Instance. Each EC2 instance created on the fly for each and every app has its own unique tags. As the EC2 instances are discovered in ScienceLogic, they are dynamically placed in the appropriate group for each business owner. In addition, these groups can also drive membership to ITSM policies.

As a result, users have a near real time view of the most critical applications as they auto-scale up and down dynamically. With proactive notifications at the element level, as well as health and risk, leveraging ITSM and optionally run book actions to make ScienceLogic customers’ holidays that much better!

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