IT Performance Reporting & Dashboards

Visualize Real-Time IT Performance • Identify & Troubleshoot Issues • Spot Changing Capacity Needs

Live Dashboards

See the information that matters in a single, customized view with ScienceLogic’s role-specific dashboards. Build real-time, highly intuitive dashboards to monitor key parameters in your business—as they happen. From internal and external SLA parameters to element-specific and overall performance metrics, the ScienceLogic platform flexes to meet your business needs, regardless of size:

  • Build custom dashboards in minutes
  • Build multiple user-specific dashboards with secure, partitioned access
  • Link dashboards to IT services, individual elements, or groups
  • Visualize your entire IT stack, no matter where it resides
  • Create service-based views in minutes based on automated dependency maps and tagging that show all related service components
  • Expose dashboards to multiple stakeholders with secure partitioned views
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Build Dashboards in Minutes

Build comprehensive dashboards in minutes with ScienceLogic

On-demand Capacity Planning

Quickly and accurately assess changing performance and capacity needs. Built-in real-time analytics enable simple, on-demand, predictive forecasting of critical cost drivers like network utilization, storage consumption, and cloud usage. Evaluate historical data across a number of regression analysis methods to determine the most likely expected future values right now.

Read our on-demand performance and capacity planning datasheet.
Forecast capacity on-demand
Forecast capacity on-demand

Flexible Reporting

For traditional daily, weekly, or monthly reports you can also report on any parameter that is monitored using ScienceLogic’s hybrid IT monitoring solution.

  • Report on key networks, systems, storage, or applications parameters
  • Convenient user-defined or canned time intervals available
  • Report on multiple parameters at the component or service level
  • Utilize multiple display formats, including embedded trend analysis for capacity planners
Report on any parameter with ScienceLogic

Customer Testimonial

See how ScienceLogic enabled a large government consulting company

“Visibility at all layers of technology … Being able to provide that transparency if you want to see it, but then the opaqueness if you don’t want people to see under the covers.”

Derik Carswell, Technical Lead, A Large Government Consulting Company
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The ScienceLogic Hybrid IT Monitoring Platform

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