Hybrid IT Dependency Mapping

Uncover Relationships Between Network, Compute, Storage, & Application Resources

The world of IT continues to get more complex every day. New technologies are entering the market at a blistering pace, with virtual, cloud, and software-defined infrastructures gradually replacing physical infrastructure. Understanding how all the different parts work together has never been more difficult. The silos that have developed across different areas of IT make troubleshooting problems nearly impossible. These are the exact issues our built-in dependency mapping ability solves.

ScienceLogic Dependency Mapping

Learn how ScienceLogic reveals the relationships across your hybrid clouds

See How All of Your Infrastructure Interacts Together

Whether it be virtualized, converged infrastructures (like Vblock, FlexPod, HyperFlex, or Nutanix), or software-defined networking technologies (like Cisco ACI), data centers and onsite IT environments are evolving and meshing more and more technologies together.

ScienceLogic reveals the dependencies across your on-premises infrastructure

Public Cloud and Multi-Cloud Dependency Mapping

Public cloud providers (like AWS and Azure) offer services that enable agility and scalability for many organizations. Yet, their individual management consoles make it difficult, if not impossible, to see and understand how all of your public cloud-based infrastructure relates.

ScienceLogic automatically discovers and maps all of your public cloud infrastructure, identifying the dependencies between the different elements and presenting everything through a single management console—ensuring that you not only understand how the different elements relate, but can also quickly spot any unused assets in your environment.

ScienceLogic shows you dependencies in your public clouds

Complete Dependency Mapping for Hybrid IT

When public cloud, private cloud, and legacy assets are deployed together in a hybrid IT environment, the landscape becomes more complex than ever. Monitoring the entire IT infrastructure typically requires multiple toolsets with disparate databases and user interfaces. As a result, organizations trying to achieve a consistent, end-to-end view of hybrid IT services face extreme difficulty—especially when attempting to troubleshoot the root cause of fault and performance issues.

ScienceLogic removes these challenges by revealing the dependencies between public, private and legacy assets, enabling IT organizations to manage everything their user base throws at them—in a consistent manner with a single toolset. The result is significant savings on tools rationalization and operating expenses. ScienceLogic’s deep visibility across multiple areas, combined with an understanding of dependencies, truly ensures top-level service performance. Our platform brings everything together—discovery, dependency mapping, monitoring, dashboarding, alerting, ticketing, and automation—to arm you with the features you need to monitor and visualize your entire infrastructure, everywhere it resides.

See dependencies across your entire hybrid IT infrastructure with ScienceLogic

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