Automating Your Incident Management Process


The ScienceLogic hybrid IT service assurance platform integrates with service desk solutions like ServiceNow® to deliver value by automating the incident management process and by keeping your CMDB accurate.

This video shows how ScienceLogic helps accelerate service restoration by automatically populating ServiceNow incidents with additional critical information that dramatically reduces the time it takes you to resolve incidents.


Your time is precious. And if you work in an IT help desk or service delivery role, you know you can spend all day, every day trying to track down and enter data into your service desk tool. Then you have to figure out who really needs to work the issue.

ScienceLogic’s hybrid IT service assurance platform integrates with your service desk solution. It gives you your time back by automating your incident management process.

Let’s start on the event tab in ScienceLogic. Here we can see all our active events. Taking a closer look at one of them, we see a unique ScienceLogic identifier and a unique ServiceNow incident number.

Let’s pull up the incident in ServiceNow. Here we see the incident that ScienceLogic auto-generated from the event. Taking a closer look, we see the fields in red were auto-populated by ScienceLogic. The category, subcategory, configuration item, urgency, and more—all set by ScienceLogic. Urgency is quite important, because impact and urgency drive the priority, and the priority sets the timeframe in which you need to respond and resolve the incident.

To compare, let’s take a look at an incident that was not auto-generated. The standard incident requires you to to manually populate the fields with information that you may or may not already know.

ScienceLogic puts all this information at your fingertips, enabling you to restore your services as quickly as possible, instead of wasting time tracking down and entering the data you need. And, for auditing and reporting, you can quickly see which ServiceNow incidents were created, updated, acknowledged, or resolved by ScienceLogic.

With ScienceLogic, customers have dramatically reduced the time and cost required to create, populate, and manage incidents in their service desk tools. Get your time back to do the things you want to do.