ScienceLogic Hybrid IT Service Assurance


One Platform Manages Everything

ScienceLogic’s all-in-one solution makes it the perfect platform for consolidating your existing IT monitoring tools. Reduce operational expense and eliminate silos of IT information.

ScienceLogic IT monitoring platform

Service Assurance for Any Technology, Any Vendor, Anywhere

IT service assurance is hard. Especially across complex IT infrastructures. There’s too many vendors and technologies. Throw in hybrid cloud, SDN, containers, microservices…it’s daunting.

ScienceLogic makes IT service delivery easy. It’s more than just an IT monitoring tool. Auto-discover IT assets, visualize dependencies, correlate events, enable automation, and more. All from a single platform.

Finally, you get a unified view of service delivery across your IT infrastructure, on-prem and in the cloud. No need to stitch together disparate tools or modules. It’s a single product for managing the performance of your entire stack—networks, compute, storage, and applications.

The ScienceLogic platform gives you a unified view of all your infrastructure

“If I had to setup another shop all over again ScienceLogic would be the first tool I would fire up.”

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Why ScienceLogic?

You’re constantly looking for better ways to reduce IT costs, increase business revenue, and decrease risk of service disruption. ScienceLogic provides a single solution to do just that.

Hybrid IT Visibility
Discover your entire IT environment, from your data center to your public cloud. ScienceLogic provides a visual representation of your infrastructure and services. And it’s all in a single interface.
Relationship & Dependency Mapping
Automatically discover, map, and track real-time relationships across domains, including highly dynamic cloud and virtual environments. Quickly identify impacted services and the likely cause of performance and availability issues.
Best Practice Monitoring Policies
Assess availability, health, risk, or any KPI for elements and services by applying pre-defined monitoring policies. Generate essential KPIs and smart events that drive automated actions tuned to your specific needs.
Improve efficiency with built-in runbook automation. For example, automatically reboot a server or service when CPU runs too high for too long. In addition, integration with ServiceNow® significantly reduces incident noise, streamlines issue resolution, and improves the integrity of your CMDB.
All-in-One Platform
Even so-called “product suites” offered by mega vendors turn out to be nothing more than different products tied together by complex and costly integrations. Not so with ScienceLogic. Benefit from a single product that handles multiple facets of your IT operations, from monitoring, to event management, to automated remediation.
Role-Based Access
Achieve a new level of control and insight into who is using, seeing and acting on what. Unique to ScienceLogic, our multi-tenant platform allows you to maintain individualized levels of visibility and security.
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“The team at ScienceLogic has done a phenomenal job helping us to scale and helping us to tackle any hurdles that we run into.”

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Easy to Deploy, Use & Manage

Stop worrying about procuring your own hardware, installing additional modules, and tracking version dependencies. You can deploy ScienceLogic in under 30 minutes and receive actionable information across your entire IT stack. Flexible deployment options include on-prem, cloud, hosted, and hybrid models— whatever your business requires.

Extensible with PowerPacks

With ScienceLogic, you get an open API with access to hundreds of free app extensions called PowerPacks. Developed by our community of users and our internal experts, PowerPacks collect key performance, configuration, and asset data from your entire IT stack, across a variety of technologies. They’re like apps for your smartphone that enhance and extend your ScienceLogic deployment.

“We have experienced a considerable drop in major incidents which impact our customers.”

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Decrease Mean Time to Repair

Reduce the time it takes to identify and resolve IT performance problems. View your entire IT universe in one place. See relationships between elements to understand impact. Then, drill into specific areas of concern.

Increase the agility of your IT organization

Monitor New Technology Rollouts

Track the adoption, license count, and performance of new services, such as business applications or unified communications. Prove you’re getting the maximum benefit from your IT investments.

Track performance and utilization

Make Informed Decisions About Cloud

Optimize deployment of workloads in the cloud. Use historical performance data to determine which workloads to move to a public cloud and which to keep in the data center.

Optimize cloud workload deployment

More Than 47,000 Organizations Trust ScienceLogic


Improve application and IT service delivery. Ensure a successful digital transformation and automate manual processes. Monitor infrastructure performance and real-time capacity. Deliver role-based views for operations and business users.

Federal & Public Sector

Ensure mission-critical success. Save time and money with a multi-tenant, secure IT operations management platform. Support federal regulations requiring agencies to do more with less through consolidation. The only IT monitoring product certified by the U.S. Department of Defense UC APL.

Service Providers

Grow your revenue and market share. MSPs, CSPs, and hosters get a multi-tenant solution with white label capability. Use ScienceLogic to deliver on stringent SLAs, create differentiated service offerings, and shorten “quote-to-cash” time.

Sample of ScienceLogic customers

“ScienceLogic changed our IT culture. It helped us break down organizational silos and operate more effectively and transparently.”

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