Hybrid IT
Adoption & Trends

Annual Report & Survey Results

The IT market is on the verge of a major disruption and shift. Enterprise businesses are off loading resources to public clouds more than ever. The benefits gained from IT efficiencies, cost savings, and agility are the key drivers to hybrid cloud adoption.

Key Findings

After interviewing over 1,200 IT professionals we have discovered the latest trends in Hybrid IT Adoption.

The Good News:

  • 81% of Enterprises have already embraced public clouds, and have a hybrid IT environments established. And a 1/3 of those have more than 25% of their IT in the cloud.
  • 72% are increasing their spending in the next 12 months.

The Bad News:

  • 1 out of 3 people who manage these systems are not adequately trained.
  • 62% are flying blind, with little visibility into their hybrid IT.
  • 52% don’t have a way to determine what they are paying for.
  • 75% don’t have a way to control their cloud sprawl.


Here are the 1,200 people who responded to the questions. They cover almost every major industry and country across the world.

How Many Responded?

1200 IT Professionals from US, EMEA and APAC.

Map of Responding Profiles

What Industries Responded?

  • 47% Enterprise
  • 8% Government
  • 36% Service Provider
  • 7% Education
  • 12% Other

Of the Service Providers, Many Were Cloud Providers Themselves

57% Yes

43% No

Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Here are the details of how many organizations have adopted a hybrid cloud, who they are using for the cloud provider, and how they plan to spend in the future.

What Percentage of Your IT Resources Are in Public Clouds?

81% of enterprises already have hybrid cloud environments. 1/3 have more than 25% of their IT in the cloud.

Amount of Resources

19% of interviewees
48% of interviewees
15% of interviewees
7% of interviewees
4% of interviewees
2% of interviewees
I don't
5% of interviewees

19% Don't Leverage Public Clouds Because:

  • 40% Security and privacy concerns
  • 21% No business need
  • 14% We would have less control
  • 8% Our lack of in-house expertise with public clouds
  • 7% Too expensive
  • 4% Haven't had the time
  • 1% Too complex
  • 5% Other

Which Public Cloud Service Providers Are Used for Hybrid IT?

Which public cloud service providers are used for hybrid IT? 80% of enterprises use either AWS or Microsoft Azure.

  • 50%Amazon Web Services
  • 30%Windows Azure
  • 28%Google Cloud Platform
  • 19%vmware
  • 11%rackspace
  • 5%terremark
  • 3.5%CenturyLink
  • 2%dimension data
  • 19%Other
  • 12%I Dont' Know
  • 5%None

Why Are Those Cloud Providers Used?

  • 39% Affordable
  • 25% Never goes down
  • 17% Fantastic Support
  • 19% Great new services and features added often

Is Your Spend In Public Clouds Changing (next 12 Months)?

  • 71%Increasing
  • 17%Staying the same
  • 3%Decreasing
  • 9%I don't know


While public cloud adoption is growing fast, the data shows that the people that manage those clouds have serious challenges that could put their businesses at major risk.

How Well Are You Educated in Hybrid IT Environments?

33% 1 out 3 people do not believe they are adequately educated to manage their clouds.

  • 13% Extremely Well
  • 26% Very Well
  • 29% Well
  • 21% Somewhat Well
  • 11% Not Well At All

Are You Monitoring Your Public Clouds?

35% do not have serious monitoring plans. Those that don’t know most likely don’t have it, increasing this risk to as high as 62%.

38% Yes

62% No

Are You Able to Verify Public Cloud Consumption?

A potential 52% cannot tell what they are paying for, and what they are getting in return, with their public cloud use.

48% Yes

52% No

Can You See Historical Performance of Your Public Clouds?

A major issue that 72% of enterprise don’t have historical reference and information on their performance, to predict the future.

28% Yes

72% No

Do You Have a Way to Control Cloud Sprawl?

3 out of 4 organizations do not have a way to control and manage their cloud sprawl.

23% Yes

77% No

Is Hybrid IT Management Becoming Easier or Harder?

42% feel there is more risk.

19% - Easer, and with less work
42% - Easier, but with more risk
26% - Harder
13% - Staying the same

What Is the Monetary Value of Your Public Cloud Resources?

Globally, more than $300 billion (the GDP of Hong Kong) in IT resources reside in public clouds

  • 37% Less than 3x
  • 32% 3-5x
  • 11% 5-10x
  • 6% Greater than 10x
  • 14% Invaluable

If Your IT Staff Is Shrinking, How Concerned Are You?

1 out of 3 organizations are spending more, relying more on the cloud, but increasing the risk by reducing staff.

  • 41% Our staff is not shrinking
  • 25% Not concerned at all
  • 19% Somewhat concerned
  • 12% Concerned
  • 3% Very Concerned