The Cloud's Impact on IT Careers


In November 2016, ScienceLogic conducted an annual survey on the state of the cloud. More than 1,100 IT professionals across the globe responded, shedding light on the rapid acceleration of cloud migration and its impact on IT careers.

Infographic showing trends how cloud adoption is impacting IT careers

Migration to cloud may be further ahead than thought.

  • 40% said their company’s data center footprint is shrinking compared to 3 years ago
  • 42% said they have 25% or more of their infrastructure in cloud environments today (was only 33% a year ago)
  • 23% said they have more than half in the cloud today (was only 13% a year ago)
  • Only 3% said they expect to have no cloud infrastructure in 2 years

And it’s making IT pros uneasy.

28% have concern that the adoption of cloud infrastructure may put their current job at risk

What are they worried about?

  • 31% say they lack necessary job skills to lead cloud deployment effort with confidence
  • 37% say they lack the knowledge of which workloads they should migrate to public or private clouds
  • 50% say they lack the right tools to monitor and manage cloud deployments

Other challenges for IT:

  • Less than 44% are able to verify public cloud consumption
  • Less than 38% can see historical performance of their public clouds
  • Less than 28% have processes in place to contain cloud sprawl

“The best way to control your own destiny is to be the person who has the answers. The only way to have the answers is to have complete visibility into the IT infrastructure around you, both on-prem and in the cloud.”

Dave Link, CEO, ScienceLogic
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