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ScienceLogic and MSPs: Building Revenue Streams from New Managed Services

The public cloud has caused major disruption in enterprise computing, bringing new flexibility and agility and a new cost model for computing infrastructure sold as a service. For enterprise customers the cloud can certainly deliver agility and capital cost savings, however it also brings major new operational challenges. For MSPs and hosting companies the challenges are somewhat different—but very significant. MSPs now require new business models and an overhaul to their service portfolios in order to thrive in this new, on-demand era.

That’s why we created MSP JumpStart—our resource center specifically dedicated to MSPs who want to monetize the cloud opportunity and create new, differentiated revenue streams.

The ScienceLogic Platform: For Operations and for Service Delivery

While many MSPs are very successful running their operations on the ScienceLogic monitoring platform for hybrid IT, the platform can be used for much, much more. As well as being a fully featured and broad based infrastructure monitoring system, the ScienceLogic platform is built for service delivery. It enables MSPs to build, deploy and market new managed services—and new business models.

With help from ScienceLogic, MSPs can create, deploy, market and sell new managed services across the IT infrastructure spectrum—especially in those high-margin areas of opportunity that relate to the hybrid cloud environment. In a single platform, MSPs can monitor all things cloud—and view them together as a holistic set of services from a single pane of glass. Ultimately MSPs can monetize the cloud opportunity with ScienceLogic.

Introducing MSP JumpStart—Help from ScienceLogic to Develop and Productize New Services

Our MSP JumpStart website is the tip of the iceberg—it represents the entry point to ScienceLogic expertise that can help MSPs create, deploy, market, and sell new managed services. The site includes resources of all kinds—service definitions, sample monitoring templates, white-label customer facing brochures and datasheets as well as reference guides on how to exploit today’s mainstream enterprise technologies to build high profile, strategic solutions for customers.

At ScienceLogic we speak managed services! So in addition to the resources available at JumpStart, MSPs can also draw on expertise from inside of ScienceLogic to help them accelerate—wherever they need help—whether it’s in service definition, deployment, marketing or sales.

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