ServiceNow® & ScienceLogic: Better Together for Advanced Service Management

A leading Fortune 500 apparel manufacturer reported a 30% reduction in Incidents logged in their ServiceNow system once they implemented ScienceLogic’s integration. The result was a much happier ServiceNow customer. Case Study

Value for ServiceNow

  • Enhance the strategic value of ServiceNow to enterprises and service providers
  • Enhance ServiceWatch – with deep visibility across the entire infrastructure, ScienceLogic adds visibility into incidents that ServiceWatch doesn’t see. So ServiceWatch becomes stickier and can show service impact in real-time
  • Improve customer operations – with smarter ticket handling and fewer false positives

ScienceLogic Integration with ServiceNow

  • Accelerate deployments by reducing integrations to monitoring systems
  • Eliminate false positives with clean event feeds to ServiceNow
  • Automatically apply the correct monitoring policies as soon as ServiceNow discovers a CI
  • Enrich the quality of CMDB data with CIs and/or CI attributes that ServiceNow cannot otherwise discover

ScienceLogic Hybrid IT Monitoring Platform

  • Comprehensive event and performance monitoring for all IT infrastructure—networks, systems, applications, storage and cloud
  • Deep visibility across major public cloud platforms—AWS, Azure, SoftLayer, vCloud Air
  • Cross-domain visibility enables rapid root cause detection across IT silos
  • Broad legacy device coverage with hundreds of PowerPacks
  • Advanced visibility for Software defined data center—including all major virtualization platforms and SDN
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