Amazon Web Services (AWS) Monitoring

Gain Deep Visibility into Your Cloud • Understand AWS Dependencies • Optimize AWS Investments

Monitor the health and performance of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure and all of your cloud and on-premises services and infrastructure from a single platform. Get a unified operational view of your entire IT universe—across multiple technologies, vendors, and clouds.

  • Keep your AWS resources healthy with patented discovery, mapping, and pre-configured monitoring policies for AWS services and technologies; monitor additional AWS services and technologies with ease
  • Optimize investments in AWS by discovering what you have, what you use, and what it connects to; place workloads optimized for latency, security, availability, and cost
  • Boost IT efficiency by automating IT operational processes for both cloud and on-premises services
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Monitor Your AWS Clouds Right Out-Of-The-Box

Get started with our library of pre-built applications
  • CloudWatch iconCloudWatch
  • Auto Scaling iconAuto Scaling
  • Billing
  • DynamoDB iconDynamoDB
  • EBS iconEBS
  • EC2 iconEC2
  • ElastiCache iconElastiCache
  • Elastic Beanstalk iconElastic Beanstalk
  • Elastic Load Balancing iconElastic Load Balancing
  • RDS iconRDS
  • Route 53 iconRoute 53
  • S3 iconS3
  • SNS iconSNS
  • SQS iconSQS
  • CloudFront iconCloudFront
  • CloudTrail iconCloudTrail
  • Direct Connect iconDirect Connect
  • EMR iconEMR
  • Glacier iconGlacier
  • OpsWorks iconOpsWorks
  • Redshift iconRedshift
  • Storage Gateway iconStorage Gateway
  • VPC iconVPC

Customer Testimonial


“We are focused on AWS customers in the cloud ... key things in the ScienceLogic product is probably the flexibility ... I can give one customer one set of SLAs and one set of feature sets, and I can give another customer even more feature sets, knocking the SLAs higher, expanding the discovery, anything I need to with the tool to make sure we are monitoring everything in their environment.”

James Soliday, Senior Manager, DLT Operations Center, DLT Solutions
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Keep Your AWS Environments Healthy

Monitor the health and availability of your AWS network, storage, compute, operating systems, and other services.

  • Start monitoring immediately with pre-built monitoring policies for your AWS technologies
  • View AWS resources, regardless of region or zone, in a single dashboard
  • Drill into specific areas of concern
  • See relationships between elements to understand impact and troubleshoot issues quickly
  • Ensure service continuity with Direct Connect monitoring
  • Monitor the health and performance of services and device groups, including all major Amazon core services such as EC2, EBS, RDS, and many more
  • Compare performance over extended time
  • Assess capacity usage, anomalies, and trends/forecasts for AWS components
  • Alert on performance exceptions, configuration changes, and AWS resource status
Learn how ScienceLogic maps AWS

Discover & Map All of Your AWS Services & Infrastructure

Automatically discover and keep track of changes in your AWS environments.

Automatically discover all of your AWS services and infrastructure

Provide Role-Specific Visibility into Your AWS Environments

Use a single platform to monitor everything, everywhere. See everything you need to see in order to make sure your AWS environment is working.

  • Get role-specific visibility into all of your AWS services and infrastructure, across all regions and zones with built-in, best practice-based dashboards
  • Segment visibility by user, business unit, geography, technology, and many other profiles
Get complete visibility into your Amazon Web Services

Get Hybrid & Multi-Cloud Visibility

Comprehensive visibility for AWS, Azure, SoftLayer, vCloud Air

  • Automatically monitor your entire IT universe—on premises and in multiple clouds—from a single console
  • Ensure a consistent approach when managing multiple clouds and technologies
  • Be prepared to support the needs of every business unit—whether in AWS, Azure, or any other cloud
Monitor your on-premises and cloud infrastructures from a single console

Troubleshoot & Resolve Issues Quickly

Have clear visibility into what’s going on anywhere in your AWS cloud to make sure your services are up and running.

  • Easily navigate relationships across clouds, on-prem infrastructure, and apps to speed problem resolution and ensure optimal performance
  • Get as granular as you need to, visualizing every aspect of your AWS deployment
  • Proactively detect and be alerted on configuration changes and performance issues
  • Avoid finger-pointing and reduce MTTR for critical business services
  • Utilize runbook automation for immediate response to performance or availability degradation as well as configuration changes
Easily detect the source of issues with ScienceLogic

Prepare for a Smooth Migration to AWS

Quickly determine which on-prem workloads to migrate.

  • Catalog existing workloads running on VMware, Hyper-V, and discrete servers
  • Understand your workloads and their dependencies to plan for a smooth migration to the cloud
  • Identify closest equivalent AWS instance for each workload
Read our cloud migration planning datasheet
ScienceLogic helps accelerate migration to AWS

Integrate with Your IT Management Ecosystem

Easily integrate with other IT management solutions for full visibility and optimization of your IT services.

Sciencelogic populates ServiceNow with actionable data

For Service Providers

  • Scalable, multi-tenant service assurance platform for service delivery and revenue generation
  • Rapid deployment to multiple customers with low administrative overhead
  • Grow your cloud and hybrid IT services with our MSP JumpStart program
  • Create new managed services for AWS, multi-cloud, private cloud, and more
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The ScienceLogic Hybrid IT Monitoring Platform

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