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Now you can monitor key applications no matter where they are running—on-premises or in the cloud. Get deep visibility into key applications and services—Office 365, ERP, Databases, APM, Web Services, Orchestration apps, and more—and link them to the underlying infrastructure so you can ensure end user satisfaction.

Monitor Key Applications & Services

It’s easy—with our agentless, appliance-based platform, you can monitor performance, availability, and user response time for key applications and services.

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  • Business Applications
  • Databases
  • APM
  • Web Services
  • Orchestration

Easily monitor the availability and performance of applications that are important to your business with capabilities and features such as:

  • Hundreds of best practice based monitoring policies, templates, and dashboards included out-of-the-box
  • Broad support for key applications such as Lync, Sharepoint, Exchange, and Oracle
  • Full dependency mapping across the entire IT stack, from application level across storage and server
  • Integration with leading application performance management vendors, including New Relic

Technical Details

Microsoft MS Exchange Support

Check email availability and transaction time through your entire email infrastructure, both physical and virtual. Easily generate events if messages fail to be returned or exceed your transaction thresholds.

Availability and Performance Monitoring

  • Round-trip email speed and connection failure
  • Latency between hops to help pinpoint slowdowns and potential problems
  • Messages rejected due to virus, spam or blacklist DNS
  • Inbound and outbound data consumption with customizable thresholds

Outlook Web Access (OWA)

  • Authentications per second
  • Message opens per second
  • Message sends per second

Additional MS Exchange Support

  • Active client logons
  • Administrative group
  • Average delivery time
  • Configuration detection type
  • Creation time
  • Directory Service Access
  • Distinguished name
  • Domain controller response time
  • Domain controller up and synchronized
  • Exchange version
  • Front-end server
  • Fully qualified domain name (FQDN)
  • LDAP port listening for requests
  • Logon information including client NIC speed and last operation time
  • Mailbox
  • Message tracking enabled
  • Message tracking log file lifetime
  • Message tracking log file path
  • Messages delivered per minute
  • Monitoring enabled
  • MTA data path
  • Name
  • Queue stopped
  • Queued messages, time spent in queue
  • Queues
  • Receive/send queue sizes
  • Role in Exchange
  • Routing group
  • Server configuration monitoring
  • Server type
  • Size of deleted messages
  • Storage group limit info
  • Subject logging enabled
  • Total items

Internet-based Monitoring Support

Supported software vendors: Apache web server software; Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), the set of Internet-based services for servers; BlueCat Networks IP Address Management (IPAM), DHCP and DNS software, appliances, and solutions; and Microsoft SharePoint content management system.

  • Create transaction monitoring of web-based content such as SOAP, XML, and HTTP
  • Record critical performance data such as DNS lookup, page size, transaction time, and more
  • Monitor your domains and zone records, and be alerted for changes and failures
  • Monitor for TCP ports availability and uptime
  • Watch over processes and services on remote systems.

Web Content Verification/Transaction Support

  • Trend reports for page size, download speed, lookup time, connection time and transaction time
  • Standard HTTP (port 80) and HTTPS (port 443)
  • Support for custom port numbers
  • Additional support available for proxy, authentication, post strings, browser emulation, cookies and SSL

Web Infrastructure Monitoring Support

  • Web content verification
  • Integrated content page HTML dump review tool
  • Monitor same port on different IPs on the same server
  • Set content verification policies on different IPs on same server
  • Create multiple verification pages on same server
  • Content verification for https (SSL) pages

Domain Name Monitoring Support

  • Availability
  • Lookup time
  • Records
    • A - Address Records
    • AAAA - IPv6 Address Records
    • ZXFR - Full Zone Transfers
    • CNAME - Canonical Name Records
    • MX - Mail Records
    • NS - Name Server Records
    • PTR - Pointer Records
    • SOA - Start of Authority Records
    • TXT - Text Records

Web Services Monitoring Support

  • Apache
    • Configuration monitoring
      • Version
      • Build date
      • Uptime
      • Restart time
    • Performance monitoring
    • Current requests
    • Bytes per request
    • Requests per second
    • Bytes per second
    • CPU Load
    • Total accesses
    • Total kilobytes
  • Microsoft IIS performance
  • Active current connections
  • HTTP connection attempts
  • Number of requests (GET and 404)
  • Ratio of requests (GET and 404)
  • Bandwidth used by IISCGI requests in process
  • Current anonymous users
  • Current blocked requests
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