Application Monitoring Solutions

Ensure Peak Application Performance & Delivery

Now you can monitor key applications no matter where they are running—on-premises or in the cloud. Get deep visibility into key applications and services—Office 365, ERP, Databases, Web Services, Orchestration apps, and more—and link them to the underlying infrastructure so you can ensure end user satisfaction.

Monitor Key Applications & Services

It’s easy—with our appliance-based platform, you can monitor performance, availability, and user response time for key applications and services.

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  • Business Applications
  • Databases
  • APM
  • Web Services
  • Orchestration

Keep Your Applications Healthy

Easily monitor the health, performance, and configuration of the applications that are important to your business.

Monitor your applications and services with ScienceLogic

Collect Log Data in Real Time to Gain Insights

Collect both structured and unstructured machine data to gain real-time visibility into application and infrastructure performance.

  • Intelligent, low overhead agent gathers all pertinent information
  • Automatically watch log files, pinpoint errors, and trigger alerts that can drive automated repairs
  • Perform ad hoc analysis to connect the dots
    • Rapidly search through logs to gain performance insights
    • Run basic or advanced searches to sift through your log data and pinpoint errors
  • Get comprehensive operational intelligence by correlating and analyzing your machine data in real time
Agents monitor your logs to trigger notifications and runbook actions

The ScienceLogic Hybrid IT Monitoring Platform

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You need visibility across all of your IT services to see how well your IT organization is delivering value to the business.