Monitoring for vCloud Air

Get a clear view of VMware vCloud Air workloads with the ScienceLogic monitoring platform. Our solution helps you troubleshoot issues, keep tabs on workload migrations, and manage everything in between.

  • Discover all infrastructure elements deployed in vCloud Air
  • Map relationships between them automatically, in real time
  • Monitor availability of compute and storage resources
  • Manage events from all vCloud Air infrastructure elements
  • Add seamless monitoring visibility of associated VMware private cloud workloads in hybrid view dashboards

When preparing to migrate VMware or Hyper-V workloads to vCloud Air, our cloud migration report helps catalog on-premises workloads before and after migration. For hybrid or multi-cloud deployments you can easily map dependencies between on-premises IT and components deployed across multiple clouds.

The ScienceLogic Hybrid IT Monitoring Platform

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