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The ScienceLogic Hybrid IT Monitoring Platform

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You need visibility across all of your IT services to see how well your IT organization is delivering value to the business.

  • Cloud
    Gain insight into public and private cloud environments like AWS, Azure, SoftLayer, and VMware. Monitor IT service performance and availability from data center to cloud—and across multiple clouds.
  • Network
    Gain global visibility across the entire network infrastructure. Monitor network availability, performance, configuration, utilization and capacity for WAN, LAN, SDN, routers, switches, firewalls, and more.
  • Storage
    Gain complete visibility across multi-vendor storage, such as EMC, NetApp, Nutanix, SolidFire, Pure, cloud, and more. Monitor configuration, performance, utilization and capacity for all storage layers. View and track relationships between servers, applications and associated storage and converged infrastructure.
  • Compute
    Gain global visibility across multi-vendor server or operating system (OS) configuration, performance, utilization and capacity. Monitor multiple technologies such as physical, virtualized, converged, hyperconverged, and cloud. View and track relationships between servers and related infrastructure.
  • Hybrid IT
    Manage any workload or component, in any location—whether physical or virtual, public, private, or hosted. Help your business become more agile with monitoring that is flexible enough for today’s dynamic IT infrastructures.
  • Applications
    Ensure end user satisfaction by tracking performance, availability and user response time for key applications and services. Monitor the applications and the underlying infrastructure as a business service—in real-time.
  • Unified Communications
    Keep your voice, video and unified communications systems and services up and running. Keep your users connected with extensive vendor coverage and comprehensive monitoring such as Cisco, Microsoft, and more.
  • Internet of Things
    Make sure your business is up and running at all times by securely monitoring any ‘connected’ device that is critical to your business—from smart phones to manufacturing equipment to satellites. Understand their impact on the services IT delivers to the business.

Vendor Solutions

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Cisco
  • Citrix
  • IBM SoftLayer
  • KVM
  • Microsoft
  • SAP
  • ServiceNow
  • VMware
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