ScienceLogic Professional Services

Extend the Value of Your ScienceLogic Platform

ScienceLogic’s open architecture platform is easily tailored to meet your individual and unique business requirements. Our subject matter experts can seamlessly integrate the specialized applications you have developed in-house—as well as your customized systems and reports—into our single code base.

Our professional services were created specifically to maintain and enhance all the hard work you already put into making your IT operations particularly suited to your individual business. Whether you are incorporating the ScienceLogic solution into your IT operations for the first time, or have evolved new individualized requirements that need special development, our professional services team will work with you to customize the integration to ensure that you get the most out of your IT management solution. Easy to work with and experienced in your business sector, ScienceLogic’s world-class professionals are your partners in customized IT monitoring and management solutions.

ScienceLogic Professional Services offer expertise and solutions in the following areas:

Installation and Deployment Services
Services across all ScienceLogic products
Consulting Services
Learn ScienceLogic’s best practices for feature set value and efficiency
Tuning Services
Consists of a thorough review of your system by a ScienceLogic Certified Expert on a regular basis to ensure your peace of mind that everything is up-to-date and optimized
Custom Services
Services for integrations, custom dashboards, custom reports, and uniquely tailored monitoring applications

Contact us to learn how ScienceLogic can meet your needs and customize a solution to fulfill your business requirements.

Deployment – ScienceLogic’s Best-in-Class Professional Services Make Your Deployment Seamless

ScienceLogic's professionals are trained to make the installation and deployment of our IT monitoring and management solution into your IT operations easy and seamless.

The ScienceLogic world-class IT management platform for the data center and the cloud comes with full installation and deployment services, performed on-site by our specialized installation/configuration team. We install your ScienceLogic product and conduct performance checks every step of the way, and we also provide accelerated training to help you make immediate use of ScienceLogic’s many capabilities. Before the installation team members leave, they make sure your ScienceLogic system is fully operational and ready for you to begin IT monitoring and management.
ScienceLogic offers integration services as well. If you need assistance integrating your Events and Reporting from existing systems, ScienceLogic can operate as a Manager of Managers (MoM) in any environment. From syslog to SNMP traps, email messages, and custom API eventing, ScienceLogic can help you unite your IDS, NMS, security, and application systems into a single, unified view.

Post-Deployment – ScienceLogic Can Customize to Meet Your Unique Business Needs

Once your ScienceLogic platform is up and running, you may identify a need for special customization unique to your business. As your business grows, your IT infrastructure must keep up with its increasing demands. That’s the time to take advantage of ScienceLogic’s expert consultation to tailor your IT management platform to meet the new exigencies of your business.

Whatever the situation, ScienceLogic’s expertise can assist you in creating a highly available, scalable, and secure IT infrastructure overseen and protected by the best IT monitoring and management solution in the industry. Our consulting services include assessment, auditing, and customization on many components of your IT management platform:

  • Organizations and views
  • Event definitions
  • Management templates
  • Tuning
  • Themes
  • Dashboards and widgets
  • Reports
  • Integration

Because your business is unique, you need a unique partner—you need ScienceLogic.