What’s Inside ScienceLogic 7.8 Software Release

As the US college basketball “March Madness” playoff season continues, it reminds me how the best teams outlast their opponents and grind out results. They go to extreme lengths to achieve their ultimate goal – the National Championship. However, this drive to succeed isn’t unique to college basketball. A similar sentiment can be seen in the software monitoring business. Customers who have invested in monitoring platforms often lament over the lack of innovation and investment in feature enhancements, especially among the larger platform providers.

If I’ve learned anything from watching college basketball stars rise to the occasion, it’s that agility is the key to success – both on and off the court. At ScienceLogic, our commitment to agility allows us to stay ahead of future technologies, and anticipate the needs of our customers before our customers before they become needs. Our latest software release, 7.8, is no exception. Here are some new features that were added with this release:

  • Authentication Update now supports multiple instances of Active Directory to help manage large or diverse user populations. Adding SAML support to enable Single-Sign-On.
  • Global Manager – MSPs or large enterprises are able to manage multiple ScienceLogic stacks, and to segment operations regionally to enable very large scale deployments in the millions of devices.
  • Tagging – Leverage VMware’s newest tagging features to group virtual machines together with other assets to monitor and track them as a group of assets or as part of a business service.
  • CBQoS Support – ScienceLogic now supports configurable Class-Based Quality of Service metrics for network devices and interfaces.
  • New PowerPacks for monitoring EMC VNX storage systems and Citrix XenServer/XenCenter
  • New Dashboard Forecasting Capability aims to help capacity planners. This feature provides predictive analysis based on historical regressions with a best-fit algorithm against a combination of models.
  • Updated Azure Services coverage and initial Office 365 beta support.

For more details on our 7.8 release, follow our blog and visit www.ScienceLogic.com. Customers – Ready to download? Visit the Customer Portal to get started!  

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