Get the Most Out of Your CMDB Investment

White Paper

Is your CMDB a source of truth? Find out in this whitepaper:
“Integrating ScienceLogic with ServiceNow Drives Efficiency and Better Incident Automation”

Combining ScienceLogic with your ServiceNow CMDB can save you $2.5 million per year or over 2,500 hours in incident resolution costs.

Highlights Include:

Achieving Real-time CMDB Accuracy

  • Many organizations are not aware of all the devices that can impact their network. Research shows that 85% of CMDB deployments fail, because they are not built to handle the volume or frequency of data changes in today’s IT ecosystem.
  • ScienceLogic enhances your ServiceNow data, so you always see everything impacting your network.

Automating Incident Creation and Management Processes

  • On average, it takes 10-15 minutes to manually create an incident ticket. It can then take up to 90 minutes to route a new ticket to the right team. Removing these manual processes will speed up mean time to repair (MTTR) and ensure you always meet your SLAs.
  • The ScienceLogic solution shows you how to act on your data and improve change management workflows through automation.

Reducing Incident Noise


  • Incident noise can cost you valuable time as your staff shuffles through smaller incidents and misses the events with the greatest business impact.
  • ScienceLogic helps you contextualize your network through application and infrastructure mapping that correlates related events and presents opportunities for machine learning.